Professional Singer Wysom Wong singing on Gen 3 Karaoke System.

  • The Best Home Karaoke Experience.

    Unlike any other home karaoke system, the Gen 3 is a class of its own. Breaking through the traditional styled home karaoke systems of having multiple audio equipment and complicated cable connections.

    High, mid and full range speakers system with a bass woofer forms a solid acoustics for a powerhouse karaoke system.

    Pre-programmed electronic karaoke equalizer allows the uninitiated to enjoy karaoke without much adjustment of many audio jargons found on professional karaoke equalizer systems like Reverb, Wet/Dry, ranges of frequencies, etc.

  • Anti-feedback Wireless Microphones.

    360 Anti-feedback microphones give you total freedom to sing anywhere. Whether it is in a small studio apartment or a big living room space, there is no fear of having that annoying shrieking feedback noise anymore affecting the sound quality.

    The Gen 3 karaoke microphones not only cancel feedback when 2 mics are near to each other. It also cancels feedback when it is near the karaoke speaker. Making this one of its kind in any KTV system - the perfect karaoke set for home.

    We also designed our Gen 3 wireless microphone with a Vocal Boost feature that can adjust the sensitivity of the pick-up so there is less stress on the throat when singing. Hello singing marathon!
  • Slim Home Karaoke System Simplified.

    The Gen 3 Karaoke System uses a single audio connection to your TV. Connect the power and subwoofer cable, turn it on and sing. It's that simple.

    Furthermore, this Gen 3 home KTV set can also connect with 4 other inputs like Optical, Auxiliary, Coaxial and Bluetooth. So there is no problem connecting with your new or old TV.
  • Cinematic Bass

    The Gen 3 subwoofer gives a rich blend of bass fitting for any karaoke system. A 6.5” down-firing bass speaker offers a cinematic bass experience yet having excellent voice clarity.

    Easily make adjustments to bass and treble or use your favorite preset EQ that is available in the Gen 3 for that karaoke moment or movie night.

    Thus being the most versatile among all other karaoke systems for home.
  • Compatible with any song source.

    AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System Singapore can work with any music song source you throw at it:
    1. Old TV
    2. Smart TV
    3. Popsical TV
    4. Popsical Remix
    5. Popsical Remix II
    6. Andriod Karaoke Box
    7. Karaoke Jukebox
    8. Karaoke Touchscreen
    9. DVD Karaoke Player
    10. LD Karaoke Player
    11. VCD Karaoke Player
  • Why is the Gen 3 Karaoke System better?

    We beat others hands down if you are looking for a modern karaoke system which is easy to use and fitting for your space.

    We also have a karaoke package with Popsical that comes with a huge song library. This karaoke system package allows you to remote control everything, from the songs to the key/pitch control, mic echo, volume, EQ, etc.

    A truly powerhouse home karaoke system for everyone to karaoke at home.

    AC Ryan Karaoke - The Best Home Karaoke Singapore.