Listen to Wysom Wong sing on Gen 3 Karaoke System.

  • All new Gen 3 Karaoke System

    By combining the right speakers, amplifier, equalizer and wireless microphones to create a sleek and powerful karaoke system. Carefully tuned to project the best acoustics for any voice.

  • Take Centre Stage

    Take advantage of our Vocal Boost feature on the Gen 3 wireless microphones to help you hit the high notes.

    Utilizing the right amount of reverb to deliver the best karaoke version of you.

    Deliver crisp, clear voice when singing without distortion.

  • Be Simple

    The Gen 3 Karaoke System uses a single audio connection to your TV.

    Connect the power and subwoofer cable, turn it on and sing. It's that simple.

  • Cinematic Bass

    The Gen 3 subwoofer gives a rich blend of bass fitting for any karaoke system.

    Easily make adjustment to bass and treble or use your favorite preset EQ that is available in the Gen 3 for that karaoke moment or movie night.

  • Eco friendly

    AC Ryan focus on using recyclable materials like wood, glass and metal for creating the product.

    A humble step into sustainability. You have a choice.