You will want to sing song after song.

Not all soundbars are made the same. Most are made for TV speaker replacement. AC Ryan Karaoke created a soundbar that not only replaces your TV speaker, but does karaoke fitting for any karaoke lovers. Carefully pre-tuned by our audio engineers so users can have the best home karaoke experience, enhancing their vocals.

Gone are the days where you needed bulky amplifiers, wall-mounted speakers, equalizer and mixer pieces to get the real deal. Time for something new.

See comparsion chart below to know why we are the best home karaoke system.

  • High-Fidelity Karaoke Audio

    We've been through hundreds of hours of deliberation and research, with the intention to create the best karaoke system any soundbar can offer.

  • Anti-Feedback Microphones

    We understand even home-made singers need a good microphone. We got you covered with our long range, anti-feedback wireless microphones.

  • More HD songs

    Our home karaoke system offers complimentary song requests so you can sing the songs that matter to you most.

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