Streaming vs local playback karaoke machines, which is better?

Streaming vs local playback karaoke machines

Streaming karaoke machine:

1. Popsical TV
2. Require Internet to sing.
3. Subscription based. $11.99/mth
4. Small set up
5. Control from app
6. Low product cost ($249)

Local playback karaoke machine:

1. Karaoke Touchscreen Players
2. Don't need internet to sing. (Internet only needed when downloading songs)
3. No subscription needed (Usually there is a fee of fast download feature)
4. Require space management
5. Control directly from touchscreen or app.
6. High product cost ($1299)

Ultimately, it depends on user's needs. If you are space constraint or don't want clutter at your TV console, then you go for streaming. If you prefer a touchscreen feel like the KTV pub and have the space for it, then you most probably will take the local playback.

Internet speed are rather fast these days and most homes should already have broadband, so it's not much an issue. The last issue is the cost. To be honest, either a low investment out-front, followed by monthly small fees or a high investment out-front, followed by no more additional fees. In the long run, it worked out to be the same. 

So if you asked me streaming vs local playback karaoke machines, which is better? It really just depends on your personal preference and budget.