AC Ryan Home Karaoke System Review

AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System Review - One System for your Home Entertainment

Let's sing!

When you think of a Karaoke System, one would usually think of bulky speakers, an amplifier/mixer and a separate karaoke jukebox. While this is great if you have space, having an array of equipment just to enjoy a singing session can be a bit of a hassle especially if you have limited space on the TV console. Moreover, controlling the jukebox to search for your songs can be quite a task.

What if you have a system that does not take up too much space, is easy to set up and is versatile enough to double up as a home entertainment system that is sleek and stylish to complement your home design?

AC Ryan Home Karaoke System


Introducing the fuss-free AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System. Unlike conventional karaoke with chunky speakers and an amplifier, it comes in a soundbar form with a bass unit. This is the 3rd generation Karaoke system that is designed by a local homegrown company.

A sleek addition to any home


This unit would fit underneath the TV system you have. Say goodbye to bulky amplifiers, speakers, equalizers or mixers as all these are already pre-tuned to give you the best home karaoke experience. The unit has a sleek profile with rounded edges in a greyish /black tone with a metallic grill that would suit most home decor.

More than just a soundbar


Packed into this system is a combination of a pair of tweeters, and mid-range and full-range speakers that are tuned to make you sound like a pro. Coupled with rich and deep bass speakers, this sounder packs a whole lot more than your traditional soundbar.


Paired with the Gen 3 wireless microphone with an operating range of a whopping 30m, this 160W system packs a punch that would envelope small and big rooms. Just make sure you are not singing in the wee hours of the morning, or else you might just wake the whole neighbourhood.

Sing like a Nightingale


The Gen 3 wireless microphone comes with a Vocal Boost feature that can make the softest voice sound spectacular. Expect crisp clear voices when singing. Unlike conventional microphones, there is feedback suppression. This means you will not have irritating feedback noise even if you are standing close or pointing the microphones directly at the system.

Simply, pick up the mic and sing like a nightingale. You can also customise the experience with adjustable bass, treble and echo for a professional singing session.

Simple is sweet


Who says a karaoke system needs to be complicated. This is a plug and sing device without much tuning. Most of the tuning is already built into the system. Simply turn on the system and take centre stage.

Connectivity to the system is also simple. Use a single connection to your tv via the HDMI, Optical, Auxiliary, Coaxial or Bluetooth. As this unit comes with an Optical wire, we connected it with the TV with ease. 

Free songs on Demand


With the abundance of song choices on Youtube, you could simply just choose a song on youtube and sing it. You could also control your song choices via your phone on the Youtube app.  Here is a selection of channels you can choose

Ediplays: Chinese and Cantonese Songs 

Sing King: English Songs 

Karaoke Melayu HD: Malay Songs 

AC Ryan Karaoke: Mixture of English, Malay, Filipino, Chinese, Hokkien and Cantonese Songs. 

Alternatively, you could also use apps on phones for song selection. Gen 3 is also compatible with other sources. You can opt for sources such as Popsical, Touchscreen KTV players or even old Blu Ray or DVD players. AC Ryan also has the option for other song source bundles. 

The bottom line is you do not need to pay more for subscriptions to enjoy the Gen 3 Karaoke System.

A Bonus Home Theatre


The bonus of the Gen 3 is the rich bass from the Gen 3 Subwoofer. You could make small adjustments to bass and treble, set it as your favourite preset EQ and you are all set for movie night. No need for additional systems to enjoy the oomph effect of a cinematic experience in the comfort of your living room.


Due to the setup as a Karaoke system, the dialogues were clear, giving more clarity and less reliance on subtitles.

Chill with tunes


If you prefer to listen to music instead of singing, simply connect to Spotify on the TV or through the phone and play a tune to chill. It works for other apps such as radio stations too. You can connect the phone to the Gen 3 via Bluetooth.

Sing with the Family


Last but not least, we enjoyed our karaoke night with the family. While Covid-19 restrictions may have eased, these past 2 years made us realise that staying at home is not so bad. In fact, with the Gen 3 in our living room, we have another reason to order pizza, dine in and have a karaoke night!



The promotional price of $799 for the AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System is priced similar to a mid-range soundbar. With the extra perks of a pre-tuned karaoke system, it makes perfect sense to consider this over a standard soundbar. For those who want a simple yet powerful and fuss-free system, AC Ryan Gen 3 hits all the right notes.

Get your AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System here.

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