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About AC Ryan Karaoke

Why AC Ryan Karaoke?

We are karaoke lovers, like you and we can sing for hours! We basically eat, sleep, and sing! 

We are also industry experts when it comes to Consumer Electronics. Then we dived into the home karaoke systems segment as we found the old karaoke set up too cumbersome with lots of cables and connections. As more people karaoke at home these days, we want to create a simple yet powerful karaoke set for home use.

Why Trust Us?

With years of electronics product development experience, AC Ryan Karaoke created the world’s first Karaoke Soundbar - Moment and was successfully funded with over $150,000.00 through Indiegogo in 2015. The first of its kind, a fully integrated karaoke machine with auto pairing wireless microphones without the cable mess. Providing powerhouse home karaoke experience without the usual bulky speakers and multiple karaoke equipment. 

Moment Gen 2 Karaoke Soundbar was developed following the success of Moment and found its way into many boutique hotels across Japan providing time and space saving karaoke solution to the corporates. 

As Singapore's leading home karaoke speaker supplier, AC Ryan Karaoke launched its best karaoke system in 2019 - Gen 3 Karaoke System. The modern and minimalist karaoke system that is both perfect for singing as well as for movies. Partnering with Popsical for the modern home karaoke package. 

In 2020, AC Ryan Karaoke once again launched a forward-looking product - Mixx 2 Karaoke Mixer. A microphone karaoke mixer that supports both auxiliary and optical inputs and outputs. This comes at a time when newer soundbars only come with Bluetooth, Optical and HDMI (ARC) ports. This enables the Gen 3 and the Mixx 2 to work with any song sources, like Smart TV, Popsical Remix, touchscreen system, etc. for a full karaoke experience. 

Quality and Assurance.

  • All our products went through rigorous quality checks and tests. 
  • We do not use sub-par materials to build our product. All our products’ materials are of good quality and do not look or feel like toys or cheap stuff. 
  • All our products come with a 3 years warranty with the first 90 days on-site 1-1 exchange. 

What we believe in.

In AC Ryan Karaoke, we believe in making things simple. Time is always precious, so we want to make karaoke systems that help customers save time on setting up so they can spend more time with their loved ones singing and having fun. 

We strived to achieve the best home karaoke experience for our users as we know the agony in setting up a home KTV system and the frustration in a substandard one.