Why does AC Ryan karaoke system looks like a soundbar?

AC Ryan Gen 3 Karaoke System

Our goal is to make home karaoke simple to use yet not compromising on the sound quality. 

There are those traditional karaoke systems in Singapore, although sound quality is good, but it is usually costly, bulky with many separate pieces of equipment.

Then we find that some users have both a soundbar and a karaoke system squeezed  together in their living room. While some others have wall-mounted, bulky speakers which are overkill for most homes in Singapore like HDB and apartments. Not to mention the complicated amplifier system that most users are unfamiliar with. 

Therefore AC Ryan home karaoke system solved all the above issues by integrating the amplifier, equalizer, mic mixer and speakers into this all-in-one karaoke soundbar. Carefully tuned according to the specifications of our speakers to produce a good home KTV experience for our users. 

  1. Mid-range speakers - for voice
  2. Tweeeters - for high notes
  3. Bass speakers - for low frequencies. 

It looked like a regular soundbar, but if you try to sing on it then you will know the difference from regular soundbars in the market. The AC Ryan soundbar is a real karaoke system which focus on mid-range frequencies for voice and doesn't "crack" your speakers when you get on high notes. 

Furthermore, our Digital Sound Processor (DSP) auto tuned the pre-paired microphones for 360 anti-feedback and set to the best settings for karaoke, so you can sing like your favorite idol at the comfort of your home.