What are the main differences between Gen 2 and Gen 3 Karaoke System?

Gen 3 Karaoke System is a big leap from our Gen 2 with many upgrades. Below are some of the significant differences.

  1. 7 Speakers instead of 5. We added 2 full range speakers among our usual 2 mid, 2 tweeters and 1 bass speaker to level up the volume.
  2. Increase power from 120W to 160W. 
  3. Vocal Boost feature allows you to hit high notes easier.
  4. Added Reverb instead of Echo to make your voice blend into the music better. 
  5. Richer and deeper cinematic feel bass. 
  6. Wired subwoofer instead of wireless for users who want to connect their own subwoofer.
  7. Added HDMI ARC connection for best audio experience when singing or watching movies.
  8. Tempered glass finished for both soundbar and subwoofer instead of acrylic.
  9. Metallic gray grille mesh completes the modern and contemporary look.